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This page is about physical violence. People can use the term "violence" to refer to non-physical acts that have similar effects as physical violence, such as verbal or emotional abuse, or systematic oppression, but we have generally used the term "violence" to refer to physical violence.

We see violence as existing outside of a healthy state as described in our beliefs.

Treating violence like a contagion

In Why This Way we have generally agreed upon the approach to reducing or preventing violence, that involves viewing it as a contagion, a phenomenon that is likely to spread through communities or networks of people. This view is based on the observation that if a person witnesses violence, they become more likely to commit an act of violence themselves.

A response to violence

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After a violent crime is committed, people with roots or connections in the community where the violence was committed, can be sent out to this community, to talk to the people most directly impacted by the violence. This includes the people who witnessed the violence, as well as people who live in the immediate vicinity, and people who are closely connected to the people involved in the violence.

These people sent into the community can talk to people, and provide education or information about the harm caused by violence, and also offer support, such as providing information about counseling or other resources.