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Why This Way is a consensus-based belief system and organization. It may or may not be a religion depending on how "religion" is defined. This website is a wiki run by the participants in the group; the wiki is not open to the general public, but anyone can become a participant in our group if they agree to follow our rules and process of communication.

Some central ideas in Why This Way include the idea that all people are valuable, and the idea that we can bring people and society into a healthier state by thinking and communicating respectfully and truthfully. The beliefs and practices of our group are agreed upon by consensus, through a process which we designed with the goal of ensuring productive and empowering discussions.

Individually, we have different beliefs on many spiritual and religious matters. Some of our participants identify with various organized religions, and others do not. Participation in this group does not require agreement with all our beliefs or adherence to all our practices, but does require a commitment to follow our rules and process of communication to the best of one's ability while participating.

Core beliefs and practices

The following seven sections constitute our core beliefs and practices, which include how our group is run:

  • Rules of Communication - How we communicate with each other, and why.
  • Process of Communication - How we run meetings and how we work with our rules of communication.
  • Starting Points - Points we think most people are likely to agree on, which we consider helpful to think about in order to understand our group's beliefs and practices.
  • Beliefs and Practices
  • Participation - We do not identify members, but we do have guidelines about who is considered a participant in our group for the purpose of editing the Wiki and influencing our decisions.
  • Organizational Policies - Governing how our organization is run.

About us

You may also want to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Get involved

We meet every Monday in Horsham, PA, and some Sundays in Newark, DE. We also have had individual meetings at other times and in other nearby locations. Please contact us if you would like to get involved:

You can connect with us on our Facebook Page. Email.png

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