Organizational Policies

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WTW-green-50.png This page is part of our core beliefs and practices. The content of this page reflects the consensus of our group. Always obtain consensus at a meeting before editing this page.

This page describes the organizational policies that govern how Why This Way is run.

Core beliefs and practices

  • The core beliefs and practices govern and guide discussions and decisions in our group. When in conflict with any other material on the wiki, the core beliefs and practices override any conflicting material that is not considered part of the core beliefs and practices.
  • The core beliefs and practices are collected on the wiki in the core beliefs and practices category.
  • The core beliefs and practices reflect the consensus of our group, and can only be modified by consensus at a meeting. To ensure consensus between meetings in different locations, any proposed modifications to the core beliefs and practices must be posted on the Wiki's talk page, and will become official if there are no unresolved objections for a duration of eight days after the consensus was reached at a meeting. After eight days, the modifications will become official as soon as all objections are resolved.
  • Exceptions to the 8-day waiting period can be made to correct errors, modify wiki linking and formatting, and to address ways in which the core beliefs and practices violate the rules of communication. These changes require consensus at a meeting but not a waiting period.
  • When modifying the core beliefs and practices, we make decisions on the basis of improving the system of beliefs and practices as a whole. Factors we consider include:
  • Internal consistency
  • Desires and opinions of participants


  • In order to be an official meeting, at least three participants must be present.
  • At official meetings, we follow the process and rules of communication.
  • Any statement that breaks the rules is off the record and does not go into any official document. However, for meetings that are recorded (either by audio/video or transcript), both an original unedited version, and an official version will be kept.


  • Our finances are completely transparent.


  • We accept only unconditional contributions. (see Principles for Handling Money for a full explanation)
  • Do not solicit any donations at any event or during any interaction which serves the primary purpose of introducing people to Why This Way.
  • Do not regularly or repeatedly solicit donations from any people or groups unless those people or groups have consented to us soliciting money from them. Do not solicit more often than a frequency which they have consented to.
  • Do not give gifts with the intention of influencing people to give money.

Organizational Actions

  • In order to carry out an action as Why This Way in ways not already specified in our organizational policies, a consensus must be reached at a meeting and a notice must be posted on the Organizational Actions page. The action can be carried out if there are no unresolved objections after an 8-day waiting period.
  • Exceptions to the 8-day waiting period can occur when quicker action is needed. Before making a decision, obtain as broad of a consensus as possible given the situation.