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We chose the name Why This Way for our group for a variety of reasons:

  • Our name can be read as a question: Why This Way?
  • Having a name that can be a question reflects the fact that our group encourages and embraces questioning as fundamental in healthy belief systems and in the search for truth.
  • When people see our name associated with written material or messages, or certain beliefs or practices, the name might encourage people to ask themselves (or us) why we embrace certain beliefs or practices.
  • A defining feature of Why This Way is that we have extensively thought about and discussed the reasons behind each of our beliefs and practices. The name references the idea of asking, discussing, or explaining why we do things this way.
  • We chose the word this rather than the because we wanted to avoid making a claim of exclusivity in our name; we wanted our name to accurately depict the fact that we present our group as an approach that we see compelling reasons for taking, but not the only valid approach.
  • People's initial reactions to our name are often that it is strange, weird, and different. We like making this sort of first impression on others, as it can send the message that our group is taking a new and radically different approach.