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This page addresses the question of when to include or create a page on the wiki for a particular topic. For guidelines on writing content or editing existing pages, see Wiki Writing Guidelines.

This page aims to fill an analagous role to Wikipedia's Notability Guideline. However, our standards for this wiki are very different. In general, since this wiki is an expression of the consensus and personal beliefs of the participants in Why This Way, the standards for creating pages on this wiki do not include any reference to external sources.

It is a good idea to create a page on the wiki when:

  • The page is about a topic relevant either to our core beliefs and practices, or to other topics that already exist on the wiki.
  • You have discussed the topic with other participants in Why This Way, either during a meeting, or in casual conversation.

It is a good idea, but not mandatory, to talk to other participants before creating the page.

If you want to create a page on a topic that is not directly relevant to anything existing on the wiki, think about how to tie it in, and consider creating more directly relevant pages first. If you want to create a page on a topic that has not been discussed in Why This Way, consider bringing that topic up at a meeting, or casually with other participants.

Categorizing the page

Add the page to at least one category (how to apply a category). If you're not sure which of the categories to use, add it to miscellaneous. Do not use the category Core Beliefs and Practices unless it has been decided at a meeting; the Core Beliefs and Practices category has special importance and is used to designate pages and pages with sections that are considered part of the group's core beliefs and practices, and that require consensus at a meeting and an 8-day waiting period to be edited. All the other categories can be added freely as part of general wiki editing by any participant.