Editing the Core Beliefs and Practices

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These are the procedures for editing the core beliefs and practices. For guidelines about editing the rest of the wiki, see Wiki Writing Guidelines.

The core beliefs and practices are any section with the core section template or any page with the core page template. These parts of the wiki may only be edited after the edit is agreed on at a meeting.

Changing errors, wiki formatting, and broken rules

Correcting errors, changing wiki formatting, and modifying the beliefs so as to address ways in which they break the rules of communication are the only types of change that can be made immediately after they are agreed on at a meeting, without the usual 8-day waiting period.

When making an edit to save one of these changes, write in the edit summary that the edit was agreed on by consensus at a meeting, and what type of edit it is (a formatting change or fixing an error or rule). If it is not self-evident why the edit was made, post an explanation of the rationale behind the edit, as discussed at the meeting, on the talk page.

These practices ensure that anyone who is not at the meeting can see that the edit has been carried out consistently with our policies.

Proposing a change

For all other edits, an 8-day waiting period is required. After a proposed change is agreed on at a meeting:

  • Post the proposed change in a new section at the top of the discussion page:
  • State which meeting the change was agreed on at.
  • Give the reasoning behind the agreed-upon change. You do not need to summarize the whole discussion, but include key points that you think would be sufficient to communicate why the change improves the core beliefs and practices as a whole.
  • Sign your post - it is always good to sign posts on a discussion page, but it is particularly important in this case so that the date is recorded.
  • Add the pending template to the appropriate section on the page, or the pendingpage template to the page if you are adding a new section.
  • Any objections and/or discussion about the proposed change can be posted on the talk page below the proposal.

Carrying out a proposed change

  • Before carrying out a proposed change, check to make sure that it has been at least 8 days since the change was proposed, and that there have been no objections, or all objections have been resolved.
  • Write in the edit summary that you are updating a proposed change after the 8-day waiting period.
  • Remove the pending template if there are no more proposed changes in that section.