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Removed points on drawbacks

I removed the point:

  • This type of an interview can be extra intimidating for a timid applicant. You are often stuck in a room with a pool of applicants who are all vying for the same job. Failure in such a high stakes situation with a large group of people can be really embarrassing.

Because I think it is too subjective and falls outside our rules of communication. "Timid" I think is too much of a subjective label and I want to avoid this, and "vying for the same job" is a statement about people's intentions or motivations. Also, "failure" is a black-and-white category, failure vs. success, which we want to avoid. For example, people can interpret the outcome of such an interview in different ways--not getting a job that they would be a poor match for might be more desirable than getting the job, performing poorly, and later getting fired, or getting a job that they do not enjoy, which becomes a source of stress in their life. At least the way I see it, there is a certain mindset of jobs and hiring and interviewing that I want to get people out of through this novel approach to hiring, and I think this particular point was too much within the (subjective) mindset that I want to push people away from. I'm not sure if there is an essential idea here we want to salvage, if we can re-word this? Cazort 09:29, 1 October 2012 (CDT)