Short-term Goals

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This page highlights some of the short-term goals of Why This Way, projects that we are working on currently.

  • Organize a panel discussion
  • Set up an accounting system
  • Further develop the educational system:
  • Library
  • Reading group
  • "Tree of knowledge" / certification system
  • Work on system of food certification
  • Sustainable landscaping projects with native plants and semi-wild areas

Panel discussion

We have discussed the idea of hosting a panel discussion. Some of the things we would need to do include:

  • Work out the details of how to run the discussion
  • Pick a topic or topics to discuss
  • Decide on a date
  • Find a space
  • Publicize the event

Accounting system

We need to develop an accounting system that allows for completely transparent display of our finances, in accordance with our Organizational Policies, before we are able to raise and spend any money as an organization.

User:cazort is currently working on the accounting system.



We have discussed setting up a library system whereby users can set aside or mark books they own, which they are willing to share with others. We can then develop an online catalogue for these books, and a system for checking them out so that people can check who has a book at a given point in time.